Showing Wednesday November 8th @ 7:30pm

Laemmle Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Los Angeles Premiere

Remember Baghdad

(United Kingdom, 2016) 69 min. English and Hebrew, Arabic w/ English Subtitles

Remember Baghdad is the untold story of Iraq, an unmissable insight into how the country developed through the eyes of the Jews, Iraq’s first wave of refugees. From picnics on the Tigris and royal balls, to hangings, imprisonment and escape, moving individual stories take us from past to present unfolding onto the wider story of the Middle East. In their lives are played out the consequences of the self-serving monarchy imposed by the British, Nazi influence, and the creation of Israel. After 2,600 years living peacefully in the area, in one generation the community vanishes. With vivid testimony, home movies and news archive, as well as footage from Iraq today, we follow the lives of four families trying to make sense of turbulent times, and one man goes back to buy a house in Iraq. It’s his dream to re-establish a Jewish presence in the land of his forefathers.


Q and A with star of film, and Iraqi native, Edwin Shuker, who will be attending from London