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Beit Midrash Arevot

SEC’S New Women’s Beit Midrash.

A new Sephardic-themed Torah study program for women. Held at the SEC campus in Jerusalem, the primary focus of Arevot is the unique worldview of Sephardic Hakhamim, the history of Sephardic Halakha, the philosophy and thought of Sephardic Sages, social justice in the writings of Sephardic Hakhamim, and Sephardic responses to modernity. All of this was blended with issues related to the identity of the Sephardi-Mizrahi woman in Israel today, as well as gender-related halakhic issues. This unique program is a testimony to the advanced level and confidence that modern Sephardic women have achieved in the field of Torah studies, as well as to the openness of classic Sephardic Judaism to explore women’s issues in halkha.

Metivta Program

The SEC in the Old City of Jerusalem is the proud host of an annual international Rabbinical seminar with the top Sephardic Rabbis from around the world. Learning takes place on the very site that once housed the Hakhan Bashi or the Rishon Le-Tzion (Chief Rabbi) during the Ottoman Empire and also a number of rabbinical schools or Yeshivot throughout those previous centuries. Topics are all contemporary and essential from history to medicine, philosophy, Zionism and more.

Many of our great Sephardic sages grew up and were educated in these buildings. These thoughts add a distinct flavor to anyone who opens a book of the Torah or meditates over the words of our sages within these walls.

The Merhav program for Israeli Community Rabbis

The SEC continues its partnership with Mimizrach Shemesh to train community rabbis in Israel who deal with religious and social issues. We study the writings and opinions of Sephardic sages.

The Merhav program is a 2 year cycle that Rabbis join and study with leading scholars at the SEC Campus’ Shaarei Uziel Bet Midrash.

Israel Programs – Hamsa Teens

Hamsa Teens is a chance for Jewish teenagers interested in learning more about Sephardic heritage to grow in a dynamic, and fun environment. With just about all of Israel as the backdrop (From the North to the South, Jerusalem to Tel Aviv), Hamas Teens sees it all. We are also blessed to have a “home away from home” to come back to for each Shabbat that we are in Israel. This is a chance to meet new people, get to know the land, and cover amazing ground (literally!). Learn about Ancient Jewish History, Zionism, and the Modern State of Israel.

Israel Programs – Young Adults

As our organization grows, our membership is passed down from generation to generation. This means that couples who first met on SEC programs have started their own families and these “SEC babies” are now teenagers in our Young Adults programming (from HAMSA in Israel to different events internationally).

Israel Programs – Young Families

Many of our Young Families are grandchildren of our members. This truly is “L’Dor V’Dor,” a generation to generation continuity from the shores of Thessaloniki, to Jerusalem. We offer activities for members of all ages and welcome them to the SEC community.

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