Founded in 1979 by the visionary Dr. Jose and Freda Nessim from Los Angeles, the Sephardic Educational Center is an international organization whose purpose is to build and strengthen Jewish identity for young Jews all over the world.

Our Campus is one of the Old City’s richest historic landmarks. Divided into three buildings, it once served as the spiritual headquarters of the Sephardic community, including the housing quarters for the “Rishon L’Zion” (The Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel). Our Spanish Courtyard building, which dates back to the 16th Century, also housed orphans and widows, making it a center of social justice and care for the community.


Located at the epicenter of the Jewish world, our SEC campus in Jerusalem has served as a true ingathering of the exiles, bringing together young Jews to learn and experience Jewish life through the unique SEC approach.

Committed to halakha, Jewish tradition, and a full engagement with the modern world, the SEC promotes a Jewish way of life inspired by the teachings of Maimonides, who embodied the creative blend of Judaism and the general world, and believed in the cherished “middle path” of non -extremism. Through first rate of educational programs on our Jerusalem campus, summer and winter Israel experience trips for high school students and young adults, educational seminars for adults, “shabbatonim” and retreats around the world, lecture series and an active Young Professionals educational and social division, the SEC has been making an impact on the Jewish world for over 30 years with programs that have inspired thousands of young Jews from communities all over the world and created bonds of friendship, leadership and marriage like no other organization.