7:30pm Double Feature: The Venice Ghetto 500 Years of Life -&- Arabic Movie

Thursday Nov. 17

The Venice Ghetto: 500 Years of Life
(Il Ghetto di Venezia, 500 Anni di Vita)

Italy, 2015 (54 min) Italian with English Subtitles



2016 is the 500th anniversary of world’s first ghetto in Venice. Lorenzo, a Jewish teenager born and raised in New York, leads us on a discovery of his Venetian roots with docu-fiction techniques that bring alive the paradoxical wonders of Europe’s oldest Jewish ghetto and its integration into Italian society, in this edifying and heartwarming film.


Arabic Movie

Israel, 2015 (62 minutes) Hebrew and Arabic with English Subtitles

Israelis still wax nostalgic about that old Friday afternoon ritual, back in the times when television had just one channel and everyone would watch the Arab movie of the week. What made the Egyptian heart-rending melodramas and musicals so dear to the Israeli viewers and how did the movies succeed to cross the sealed borders between the enemies?