The Song of Songs


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Author: Haribbi Isaac Jerusalmi
Publisher: Ladino Books; Limited Edition edition (1993)
Copyright year: 1993
Series: Ladino Books
Language: Vocalized Aramaic Text with Facing English Translation and Ladino Versions
Pages: 506 Pages

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“We praise Allah most high for the wisdom He has bestowed upon us by disclosing to us secrets that no one before us ever grasped. Hence I would say that if the wise Solomon – peace be upon him – were to come across this commentary of ours and grasp our understanding of his words based on its allegories, as well as the kernels we have extracted from the husk of his words, he would indeed praise us for this! He would also urge us to teach his wisdom from it, seeing that we are the very first to do so and more worthy than anyone else!”
– Yosef Ibn Aknin al-Barceloni

Dr. Isaac Jerusalmi is a Sephardic Jew born in Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, Turkey. He is a graduate of the University of Istanbul and the Hebrew Union College where he was ordained in 1956. He holds a Ph.D. in Aramaic Studies from the Sorbonne and is currently Professor of Bible and Semitic Languages at the Hebrew Union College. He is also the haham of the Sephardic Beth Shalom Congregation in Cincinnati.

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