The Challenge of Two


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Publisher: Hakeav Institute
Copyright year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 227

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“With thanks to the Almighty, who had granted me the privelage of publishing The Challenge of Two, which is the second book I have written on the subject of marraige. I hope that this book will reach as wide an audience as my first book, Marriage: The Challenge.
The examples and marital problems mentioned in this book are based on actual occurrences; the names and other identifying details have been changed, to ensure the privacy of the couples involved.
I have gained most of my knowledge of marital problems from the couples who have opened their hearts and shared their innermost secrets with me. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all the individuals and couples who have taken part in my work, both the participants in the discussions I have led and those whom I have treated, and to my teachers and mentors who expressed their support and encouraged me to write an additional book.
Special thanks to my son Moshe, whose constructive comments were of great help to me; to my daughter Hagit, who aided in the deign of the book; to the entire staff of Haktav Institute, who spared no efforts in the production of the book; and to the rabbis whose writs of approval accompany the book.
I touch on many problems in this book. I do not intend to provide ready-made behavioral rules, or recipes for marital success. I do want to provide you with the means, not only of putting out fires, but preventing them. Fires don’t happen – they are caused. I will not tell you, “Do A, B, and C and you will be happy.” This book will provide you with a new way of thinking, outlining an approach which will provide you and your spouse with a feeling of self-esteem. It will help you to avoid the path which leads you to destroy yourself and others. Our Sages speak of “A man and woman who have merited having the Shekhinah (the Divine Presence) between them.” In this book you will learn that this means, a man and woman who have succeeded in purifying themselves, whose characters have undergone a process of change, purification, and spiritual elevation, making possible additional growth. Every individual needs to develop and grow. Our ability to help others is based on the capability of being helped. Constant learning, self-development, and self-change are among the things which fill our lives with beauty and grace.
If this book will help you improve your marital life, or provide an awareness that it is worthwhile to make the effort to reconcile any problems that may arise, this will be my greatest reward.
– Sima”

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