Cancionero Sefardi


Author: Alberto Hemsi, Samuel G. Armistead
Editor: Edwin Seroussi
Co-editor: Paloma Diaz Mas, Jose Manuel Pedrosa, Elena Romero
Publisher: Jewish Music Research Centre, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Place of Publication: Jerusalem
Copyright Year: 1995
Series: Yuval Music Series
Volume: 4
Languages: English, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish, Judezmo), Spanish
Tradition: Eastern Sephardi
Pages: 463

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One of the most important sources for the study of traditional Ladino song of Eastern Sephardi Jews. Collected by the Turkish-born Jewish composer and folklorist Alberto Hemsi (1898-1975) before World War II, this collection remained unedited until its present scholarly publication by the JMRC. The book includes 170 titles and 66 musical transcriptions with many musical and textual variants representing a wide variety of styles. Also included are extensive studies by a renowned team of scholars from Spain and the USA concerning the Ladino song genres represented in the collection.

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