7:30pm Double Feature: Dear God -&- A Song of Loves

Monday Nov. 14

Dear God

(Los Angeles Premiere)
Israel, 2014 (13 minutes)



This lovely wordless short depicts romantic Jerusalem, as seen through the eyes of Aaron, a simple man who guards the Wailing Wall. One day a beautiful, mysterious woman puts a note between the holy stones of the Western Wall and Aaron decides to fulfill her deepest wish, while learning that love is all about communication.



A Song of Loves

Los Angeles Premiere
A film by R. David Buzaglo, Israel (2015). Hebrew with English subtitles (63 min.)


Rabbi David Buzaglo was the greatest Hebrew liturgical poet of the knafo3twentieth century. Born in Morocco in 1903, his literary output had a major impact on a community of hundreds of thousands of people. Buzaglo’s poetry initiated an abrupt shift in Sephardic liturgical writing, but it also served as a vital link between the modern era and a tradition that dates back to Spanish Jewry’s Golden Age.

Q & A to follow

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